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Hi, I am unable to get RTSP working with this camera. All URLs below tested with negative results, combination of with and without password. Password being the one prompted to setup via Android app. Nothing seems to trigger RTSP stream. VLC is able to grab one frame and freeze. No streaming whatsoever.






Camera and server using iVideon application on the same network. Able to ping camera from iVideon server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  • Hi there, I'm a new HM311 owner and I see that HeimVision online support (no firmware updates?) and forum participation are very sparse.

    My installation of TinyCam Free found the HM311 instantly and began displaying the live feed. It also warned me in bright red lettering that there was no password protection on the camera and that it was a security risk.

    To help in your question, here are the RTSP/ONVIF settings TinyCam reports for the camera:

    Resolution: 2304x1296

    Codec: H265 SW

    Manufacturer: EYEPLUS

    Model: EYEPLUS_DEV

    Firmware version -

    Stream: rtsp://192.x.x.x:554/0/av0

    Snapshot: http://192.x.x.x/onvif/snapshot

    PTZ: no

    I don't know if the Snapshot URL is real but I can confirm that the RTSP stream URL works from VLC.

    By the way I am quite disappointed that this camera, despite claiming Alexa compatibility, can NOT be viewed via Alexa. If you dig down far enough you discover that Alexa devices (Show, Fire stick, etc.) do not support H.265, and that's all this camera provides. :(

  • Hey, thanks very much for your response, appreciated!

    Indeed, online support is very lacking.

    Unfortunately nothing works for me, including the stream path you have provided. Opening it in VLC shows a single frame and that's it. Both /0/av0 and /onvif/snapshot

    I'm on the same firmware as you.

    While it is a very well built camera and WiFi range is impressive, connectivity outside of the Heimvision app is abysmal. As you mentioned no Alexa support.

    Truth be told, I am not surprised in the least bit as I imagine the new business model for most of these manufacturers is to get folk signed up for their own cloud service for additional revenue stream. There is no incentive for them to allow their cameras to work with third party cloud vendors. The fact that this camera doesn't even have a web server built-in to be able to access settings via browser just furthers that point.

  • edited October 2020

    Hello @ed3000ca, thanks for your question.

    Use streaming media software such as VLC to get real-time video on your computer.

    Please make sure that the computer and the camera are in the same router network.

    Enter in the URL address bar of Media-Open Network Streaming:

    HD mode:

    rtsp: //

    SD standard definition mode:

    rtsp: //

    ( is the IP address obtained in step one)

    The login box pops up, enter the user name: admin password is empty. Press Enter to view the real-time video.

    Hope this could help you.

  • Hello @heimvisionadmin ,sorry for the late response.

    Thank you for providing further feedback, much appreciated!

    Links provided do work in VLC on some machines, turns out some freeze and some manage to play back the stream.

    In any case, I am unable to get any applications to stream. Ivideon, netcam...

    Both time out showing a stream. Any suggestions what might be causing this?

    All machines are on the same network/subnet.


  • The RTSP port should be 554.

    You've got 556 in one box and 80 in another.

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