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Heimvision Mate A1 indoor camera test application

edited October 16 in Loudspeaker

Heimvision has been putting all efforts possible to be a consumer-centric brand. Your proposition is what drove us forward. Now as we are about to roll out the all-new Mate A1 Indoor Camera, we're running a beta-test program to make sure every detail is right. We’ve prepared 100 testing samples for all of you to review and test. Simply apply below to stand a chance to be part of the program.




- The testers who will leave the feedback will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card;

- Most valuable testers will be extra awarded with 3-Day motion cloud service for one year worth $50.

- Most valuable testers will gain priorities to participate in future test activities.


Feel free to let us know what you see needs to be improved/corrected. We can’t wait to hear your voice and always wanted to make it count.

To find out more about the testing and the rules, apply below >>




1. Make sure the valid email address is filled in as Heimvision will contact you via email.

2. Chances of being a qualified tester will increase if you answer the optional questions.

3. Heimvision Mate A1 will be delivered to testers with free shipping.

4. Once selected as a tester, you’re expected to complete a review survey and upload your experience contents with Mate A1.


Date of Submission: Oct. 28th, 2020 09:00 am EST

The qualified testers will receive a notification via email on Oct 29th.


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