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HeimVision Cloud, App, Human Detection Questions, HM311

I bought my first HeimVision product, the HM311. It's a VERY nice unit from a hardware, packaging, and paper documentation perspective, but the app and services are not the best. I have all sorts of questions, but this forum doesn't seem very active, either by HeimVision staff OR by ordinary customers. Worse, there are so many different HeimVision products with different apps and services that there is no clear way to find or ask anything.

If anyone from the company or the "community" can answer, that would be be great. (Their latest marketing e-mail message says they are trying to be more consumer focused.) Thanks in advance.

  1. Why is there no security on the RTSP/OnVIF stream? (Anyone on your home network can immediately start streaming your HeimVision camera.) Is this available in an updated firmware? Where?
  2. Will Human Detection work AT ALL once my trial Cloud subscription expires? It looks like the SD recorded videos ("Play Videos From: memory card" in the app) don't carry the Human Detection flags - even though Human Detection is supposedly performed LOCALLY on this camera. I love that the cloud services are positioned as optional, but I can't really understand what will and won't work without a subscription.
  3. Can the camera possibly be made to provide an H.264 stream? As it stands, THIS CAMERA IS NOT REALLY ALEXA COMPATIBLE. All the Skill lets you do is turn turn the camera off - you CANNOT VIEW THE STREAM VIA ALEXA "SHOW" COMMANDS.
  4. Could you make this more compatible with TinyCam, e.g., expose controls (audio, admin options) in their interface?
  5. Will you be providing additional controls in the HeimLink app, e.g., the ability to control how long the flood stays on after motion? Ability to turn off the LED lights while retaining night vision filter mode?
  6. Will you be providing a way (e.g., small ftp server) to retrieve files remotely from the camera's SD card?
  7. Is there any plan to consolidate many of HeimVision's different product lines and apps into something manageable and coherent? Even the HM211 doesn't seem to use the same app as its HM311 successor, even though they are almost identical. I am completely confused on HeimVision's cloud service offerings and options, which also seem to differ by camera.
  8. Will "Alarms and Notifications (alarms, Android/iOS app notifications, push, etc.) work AT ALL without a Cloud account? I'm particularly interested in Human Detection notifications.
  9. Any plan to allow Alexa to announce detections by the camera? Wyze has a VERY nifty feature - the Alexa app shows "Person Detection Announcements" under Devices, Cameras. That simple toggle can have every Echo device in the house (if desired) announce "Person Detected At (Front Door)" when the camera sees someone. It's a GREAT feature. Please copy it.
  10. Where does one get updated firmware? Is there any work being done on improving the camera? The app?
  11. What are the password credentials for the camera's RTSP/ONVIF stream? They are either blank or admin/admin?
  12. Is there any web server reachable on the camera for user or admin functions?
  13. Can we reach the camera via SSH or telnet?
  14. Do you have any intention of being more responsive on the forum, of providing regular firmware updates online, of better documenting the cameras? Your latest e-mail message says "Hey friends, Heimvision has been putting all efforts possible to be a consumer-centric brand. Your proposition is what drove us forward." To be a "consumer-centric brand" you should really provide more to the consumers. Right now I feel as if I'm stranded with the hardware I bought, as-is.
  15. Any plans to make the cameras HomeAssistant compatible? HomeKit?
  16. Is there an API we can leverage for home automation? (For example, if camera detects motion, trigger an on/off sequence at a smart plug. Perhaps via a simple webhook.)
  17. Any plans to change the Doorbell's design? I can't buy the version you have because it looks nothing like a doorbell and doesn't have any clear indication of where the doorbell button is.

Thanks again for any responses you can provide.


  • Hello, Customer,

    thanks for your question.

    1. RTSP is not encrypted by default, if you need to change the password, we can guide

    2. Cloud services and SD card functions, such as files

    3. ALEXA needs to open a cloud service annual package to support

    4. Other apps are not supported

    5. There is no support for more detailed floods. As a product, we hope that more users can use the product more concisely

    6. At present, SD card recording can only be read through HeimLink APP or on PC

    7. The integration of APP is in progress, and HeimLink is currently the main App for products such as dome bullet

    8. Push notification, refer to Article 2, the corresponding form file

    9. Alexa, like the third item, currently only supports show commands

    10. The RTSP default password is empty, such as the first one, it can be changed

    11. Use APP in camera mode, APP has account management and device sharing functions.

    12. SSH and TELNET are not open to users

    13. Normal users do not need to update the firmware, and the server will do OTA push when updating is needed

    14. HomeAssitant is currently not supported and is under development and design

    15. There is currently no API

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