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RTSP or Another Alternative Way to Setup on #rd Party Software?

edited October 2020 in Heimvision Products

I just bought a couple of cams, they are Heimvision HM302 and HM202A.

Now I find out I need to use different software for each because Heimvision doesn't have their sh*t together.

Anyways, I have seen many people across YouTube and other parts of the internet show that they can connect Heimvision cameras up using RTSP, live feed, and other configurations to third party software. The only thing is, they didn't fully explain how they did it, but just showed it to be possible and working great. I need to know how it is done!

The 3rd party cam programs I like are Blue Iris, and AnyCam. They all seem to be offering the same thing, which is a solution for people like myself, who have been put in a predicament by companies like Heimvision.

My questions are:

1.) How do I get the RTSP information and/or live freed URL?

2.) What is the format and other setup info I need to know, such as is it ONVIF, H.264/H.265/MJPG/MPEG4 or something else?

3.) Are there any other parameters I need to know when setting up with third party software?

Note: Heimvision, please don't say this doesn't work with third party software. It clearly does as many people have turned to using it. The only place that is going to get us is me returning all of the cam's I bought, and leaving negative reviews on Amazon for all of the products I bought from you guys. I've been looking through the posts here, and people have been telling you guys to fix all your software, and make one universal software for years now! What you need to do for now is offer instructions on how to use all these different models within third party software.


  • Hello @cams123 ,

    thanks for your question.

    Use streaming media software such as VLC to get real-time video on your computer.

    Please make sure that the computer and the camera are in the same router network.

    Enter in the URL address bar of Media-Open Network Streaming:

    HD mode:


    Or rtsp://

    SD standard definition mode:


    Or rtsp://

    ( is the IP address obtained in step one)

    The login box pops up, enter the user name: admin password is empty.

    Press Enter to view the real-time video.

    Hope this could help you.

  • I also have the HM302 and I am unable to connect to a RTSP stream using the recommended URL format using VLC. I have changed the password for the camera from the default. The guidance suggests using a username of "Admin" and "" (blank) for the password. Is this still correct? Admin is not the username I use to log into the camera interface.

    The camera will be useless to me also if I cannot connect to a RTSP stream from BlueIris. Any guidance would be helpful.

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