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can't view recent video footage HeimLink App HM311 camera

edited October 2020 in Heimvision Products

I wanted to view some video footage from overnight but the app won't let me go past 20:45 from the previous day.

The camera is still running since I can view it live.

What is going on, is the camera defective or is there a flaw in the app?


  • Hello @pwd666 ,

    thanks for your question.

    Is your SD card in this HM311 camera in good condition or not?

    How about try another SD Card?

    Try to power off your device and then plug your sd card in and restart it.

    Hope this could help you.

  • Hello again. I'm still having issues with the camera. I'm no longer able to view any recorded video from the HeimLink app. I have also tried switching SD cards but the same thing happens. I can see and view the video files on my PC when I plug in the card to my PC but I can't view recorded video from the camera app when the SD card is plugged into the camera.

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