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HMD2 Adding Failure

The installation works ok up to the point where is says "Adding Failure", I can see on my router the camera has connected and has

been allocated an IP address.

Please see image, thanks for any advice

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  • heimvisionadmin January 15
  • Hello @Ping ,thanks for your question.
  • Heimvision user center has checked this device serial number, there is no duplicate number in our database.
  • You can try the methods below to help you to solve this problem:
  • 1. Reset. Every time the addition fails, you must reset the device before adding it. This action is very important.
  • 2. Network. Our equipment only supports 2.4g network, and we want to know whether your home network is 2.4g or not.
  • 3. You can provide a rough time to add the device and your user account for us to analyze the reasons.
  • Thanks
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  • Ping January 15
  • Many thanks for your response,
  • I have reset the device many times and it takes round 45 seconds to fail, my network is 2.4g and I have another HMD2 camera working fine,
  • my account is paul.ingham@sfr.fr.
  • I hope you can help
  • Thanks

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