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HM311 - how to access rtsp stream on desktop

just got me a HM311 camera. all set up ok using the phone app, but i've been trying to access the local rtsp stream so i can add it into my synology surveillance station DVR, but im having problems figuring it out.

i can access the cloud stream via http://heimlink.heimvision.com/ on my desktop just fine, but i cant work out the rtsp stream address using wireshark. when i try to add the camera to surveillance station, it detects an ONVIF camera, but theres no picture when i try to view it.

finally, how do i change the default local "admin" account from a blank password? i cant see anywhere in the phone app (android version) - i dont feel comfortable having it wide open like that.

its a great bit of kit, and very well built, but if i cant get it added to my DVR, it's going to have to go back...


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